West Marin Youth Soccer League

Positive Coaching Alliance
Posted Apr 3, 2017

WMYSL partners with Positive Coaching Alliance to reinforce positive coaching experiences for kids and parents. Stay tuned for future PCA events and how you as a parent, and a parent coach make all the difference for our kids.


Back Ground Checks for MISA Coaches
Everyone coaching for MISA on this list must complete a two step process:
Step 1
Sideline Sports Doc-US Club Soccer (SSD) online course Please complete for Sideline Sport medical training and quizzes. I just took the quizzes and it took me about 20 minutes. Then you need to get the certificate number (comes to your email soon as you complete the process) because you will need it for the background check. This will cost you $5 and will be part of the reimbursement.
Step 2
Once you have the SSD certificate go to this link https://usclubsoccer.sportngin.com/register/form/502067227 and either login or create an account then you will be asked for your SSD Certification number, (see above step) ender certificate number and proceed to finish the background check info.
You will be asked your association affiliation, choose WMYSL/ Ross Valley Breakers.  The background check costs $18 so you will receive a total reimbursement of $23.
Once you have completed this, send me the receipt and I'll ask the Treasurer to send you a check registrar@westmarinsoccer.com
LIVE Scan for WMYSL Coaches
Posted Sep 6, 2017

Please note that you can go to The UPS Store in Montecito for Live Scan Services. Bring the Livescan WMYSL.pdf in order for the billing and  Live Scan information to come to WMYSL.



Letter from Fiona

Hello coaches,

I am the new technical director for the West Marin Soccer League. I am hosting a clinic for all players in the league this coming week. The clinic will run from 3-6pm Tuesday-Friday. It is open to all players who are registered in the WMYSL and to all ages.

I would like to welcome all coaches to join in on the clinic as well starting Wednesday.

We have higher than expected registration for the clinic, we currently have 95 people registered, so extra help would be appreciated. This will also be a chance for you all to get prepped for the coming season. Here are a few of the events, opportunities, and benefits that will be available to coaches and prospective coaches this week:

-Chance to watch other coaches run training sessions and get new ideas for drills, games and technique 3-6pm Tuesday-Friday.

-Meet with other Coaches for a Social on Wenesday at 5pm-6pm! Help run the scrimmages, connect on practice times, help fill assistant roles, first meet and greet of the season as well as share ideas among peers.

-Special topics discussion on Goal Setting for Coaches, Thursday 5:30pm. Followed by question and answer session.

-Handout the Special topics discussion recruiting parent support and volunteers on Friday.

My goal as the new Technical Director is to prep our parent coaches with information, skills, drills, games and the support needed to have a successful season. Coaching is one of the most rewarding experiences I have had, a good coach can have such a positive impact on younger players lives, I am happy to help support coaches along the way to a successful season.

Looking forward to meeting you all soon.


Concussion Training
Posted Apr 3, 2017

All Coaches MUST complete the CDC Coaches Concussion Training. Please email the certificate of completion to our Safety Officer Thue Thuesen